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How we Ensure Sustainable Reforestation

How we Ensure Sustainable Reforestation

There’s a lot of talk about tree planting. Some of it positive and some negative.

For every story about how crucial tree planting is for the future of our planet, there’s someone questioning how effective tree planting really is.

We’ll be the first to admit that not all tree planting is created equal.

Here are some answers to your burning questions about reforestation, so you can rest assured that you’re contributing to planting trees in the most sustainable way possible.

How do you ensure that the trees are not cut down?

Our tree planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, works carefully with all levels of government to secure written agreements designating the restoration sites as protected in perpetuity.

Our trees are never planted in logging areas. Although there is never a 100% guarantee that illegal harvest will not take place, every legal step is taken to make sure that restoration sites are guaranteed to remain in perpetuity.

At least 10% of trees planted are agroforestry species, which are designed to meet the local communities needs for food, fodder and construction materials. This means that overt the course of time, these trees can provide a sustainable income for the community.

The project costs also cover the hiring of forest guards, who are responsible for protecting the trees we have planted.

Will my carbon footprint be offset by newly planted trees?

Unfortunately not. Tree planting is essential for the health of our planet, but trees take time to reach their full carbon-sucking potential. For this reason, our subscriptions support both tree planting and carbon offsetting projects to ensure that you are having a positive impact both in the present and future.

Are the trees being planted native and varied species?

Yes – they certainly are! Tree planting which is not both native and varied is, by its very nature, not sustainable.

We only work with projects that plant trees native to their specific area. We also plant a percentage of agroforestry species for sustainable community use.

Do you work with certified partners for climate action?

We work with only the best climate action partners. Our partners are registered charities, which ensures accountability and effectiveness.

You can learn more about our partners here.

Where do you get the seeds from?

Most of the seeds are collected by local villagers from nearby remnant forests. If required to supplement the collected seeds, seeds are purchased from local, trusted seed banks. Our projects never purchase seedlings; they grow in their own nurseries to ensure higher quality and germination rates.

How does your tree planting contribute to the local economy?

All trees are planted by local villagers, helping to alleviate extreme poverty within the impacted community. This also gives the villagers an economic incentive and sense of ‘ownership’ to ensure the wellbeing of the restored forest.

It is central to Eden Reforestation’s mission that local workers are provided with fair wage employment. All of their workers are paid at least the required minimum wage in their country, regardless of the number of days they have been able to work. Workers are also given a full paid month off work every year.

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